Audio Solutions for any where.
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Musical Insturments

Guitars , Ukuleles, Guitar Amplifiers, Bass Amps, Keyboard Amps

Audio Visual

Amplifiers, Wireless Speakers, Floor standing speakers, Controllers

Pro Audio

Amplifiers DSP, Loud Speakers, Ceiling Speakers, Mixers, Array Speakers


Broadcast Monitors, AoIP Networking interfaces, Intercom, Audio Codec’s

Cables & accessories

Speaker & Microphone Cables, Connectors, musical inst accessories

Best Design solutions

Time to enhance your ProAv Experiece!

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Audio Solutions for any where
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The company has been offering its products and services increasingly to musicians & aspiring musicians, bands & orchestras, educational establishments, hospitality industry, broadcast & radio industry, commercial high-rise towers and other projects/ events towards their music and audio related requirements.

As an international organization we takes pride in showcasing some of the leading brands under its banner and takes into account all aspects of the history and usage of musical instruments in all cultures from all periods while proposing the same to its ever loyal customer base.

Innovative Audio Solutions also distributes and promotes other well-known brands related to musical instruments and audio technology in the region. The distribution network comprises of a diverse network and expansive dealer network as well as a team with technical & marketing expertise reaching out to key segments of the market.

Our Brands